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Leather Thigh High Boots
Most women find it difficult to buy a pair of fashionable boots, due to the countless styles, colours, brands and materials available. As well as that, very few shops and stores have a large range of boots on their shelves, which often result in hours of pointless and unsuccessful shopping. 

Foot Fetish! Why Some Men Find Boots and Shoes So Erotic
While not everyone likes feet, some men find them highly erotic to touch, lick, stroke, and look at. Is there something wrong with them? Absolutely not.

Fetish and Nylon Stockings
Ever since E. I. du Pont de Nemours, Inc. announced the invention of nylon in October 27, 1938, the beauty of nylon stockings made seductive photographs everywhere from magazines to calendars.

Anklets Ahoy!   
"Hail to that foot of the lusty beloved which hits the head of the lover, that foot which is adorned with red paste and jingling anklets is the banner of love and which is worthy of adoration by inclining one's head."

Fetish Articles    Boots & Jodhpur Fetish

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