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Blonde in White Jodhpurs and Riding Boots

Stable Secrets

The young woman strode across the yard, heading for the stables, her tight white jodhpurs accentuating her curves.  Troy watched from the kitchen door, his cigarette ash falling as he took another drag.  The smoke haloed his head in the late-day light. She drove him crazy and she know it.  Her glance told him all he needed, her glance daring him.

She disappeared into the barn.  He could hear her talking to the dog as she checked the residents of the stables before nightfall.  He felt the strain against the material of his trousers, getting harder. He adjusted his clothing and struggled to get a grip on his lust.  It would be his job if he made advances and she really didn't want him.  His position with this stables was too important to him to mess up.  Her father would drive him off the property and any reputation he'd gained in the business would be shot.  You just didn't fuck the boss's daughter without repercussion.

She slid the stable doors shut behind her and headed for the house, pulling her shirt over her head, revealing a lace bra.  Troy blinked and watched her come closer to where he stood at the kitchen door.  She grinned as she brushed past him, her nipples hardening as they dragged across his sleeve.  He shivered and his cock grew harder still.  He needed to get out of there, his erection desperately needed some attention.  She bent over, looking into the depths of the fridge for something cold to drink, her shapely ass defined perfectly in her tight fitting riding pants, her leather riding boots dusty from the dry hay in the stables.

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