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Leather Thigh High Boots

by Jack Peterson

Most women find it difficult to buy a pair of fashionable boots, due to the countless styles, colours, brands and materials available. As well as that, very few shops and stores have a large range of boots on their shelves, which often result in hours of pointless and unsuccessful shopping. This seldom deters the ever fashion conscious woman however, and thus thigh high boots and boots are a popular item on a women's shopping list.

What do women want in a pair of boots?

For most women, their prime concern is comfort yet chic. Our boots are all of this and more. Apart from enhancing your sex appeal, boots give you a feeling of power and command. Most boots are made from extremely soft and supple pleather, leather or suede, and thus completely comfortable. These sexy boots ensure total panache and add length to those long sexy limbs. When worn in sync with your outfit, it lends a touch of prestige and richness.

Why leather boots? Is there a large variety of leather boots?

Leather boots are amongst the sexiest shoes women can buy. These boots outshine other kinds of boots, due to their variety of colours, soft textures and their perfect fit. They are extremely classy and elegant. Leather boots are not always trend-driven, yet versatile, sexy and comfortable, and an item of fashion that can be dressed up or down.

Leather boots accessorize any garment and can make it look flamboyant, wholesome and trendy. Leather boots come in various lengths, from ankle length, above ankle length; knee high and below the knee; mid calf; and thigh high. Apart from high fashion, leather boots are also made to be used for a number of different activities, as it has been proven that leather is quite durable, water resistant and strong. Certain sports and activities like hiking, climbing, horse riding, etc all make use of leather boots. A few more examples are;

o Cowboy boots o Winter wear boots o Hiking boots o Riding boots o Motorcycle boots o Boxing boots o Army boots o Gumboots

The difference between latex and leather boots

Although both latex and leather boots look equally appealing, the difference lies in their material. While latex is 100% vegan, leather, as we all know, comes from animals. So people who are averse to wearing animal skin can go in for latex. The advantage in wearing leather thigh boots is that they are breathable and moisture absorbing, so even long hours in them don't give you a sweaty feel. They almost feel like second skin. On the other hand, latex boots could become uncomfortable in hot weather. In addition, latex is more affordable, low maintenance and has a glossy appearance as compared to leather.

Leather Thigh High Boots

Extremely comfortable, soft and flexible, leather thigh high boots give women a heightened sense of comfort, luxury and sex appeal. Custom leather thigh high boots make you look rich, dignified, and sophisticated.

Being a natural product, leather is free from heavy metals and toxins and is therefore very skin friendly. In saying that though, it is understandable why leather does not come cheap. A good wearable pair of leather thigh high boots can be bought for a high price, especially in these times when animal rights' activists are against any kind of animal killing.

Leather thigh high boots can be bought in various tones and colours, including white, black, silver and gold. Black patent leather thigh high boots are the most conventional, yet add a lot of class to any outfit. Long lasting and well put together, leather thigh high boots are a class apart. Added to this is the effect 'women in leather' have on their male counterparts.

Latex Thigh High Boots

An affordable alternative to leather, latex thigh high boots come in various styles and non-leather features which add to the comfort. Latex is made out of natural rubber and is 100% animal-friendly. You can be an avid animal lover and yet look sexy and striking.

Latex thigh high boots can be 'tailor made' and 'made to order'. All latex thigh high boots are made using premium grade, soft and comfortable natural rubber to provide that unique look, feel and fit.

Long lasting, low maintenance, stylish and comfortable, latex thigh high boots are bound to make you look hip and glamorous.

What are custom leather boots?

When a pair of leather boots are specifically made to an individual's own leg measurement, shaft height, choice of heel, and colour, then that pair of leather boots would be known as 'custom made' to fit that individual. Custom made leather boots are built according to an individual's personal measurement, requirements, preferred trends and colour.

Tailor made leather boots in black patent

Boots that are described as black patent are finished with a high gloss look, so that the boots appear shiny. Tailor made black patent leather boots would be a great buy, as they are durable but trendy. Being a homogenous colour, black tailor-made patent leather boots match any outfit and can be dressed up or down. They are very popular as dance shoes and are easy to maintain. Their high gloss look is more than enough to keep tailor made black patent leather boots in high demand all the year round.

Online shopping guide to buy leather boots

Today online shopping has become as easy as clicking a button. There are many websites selling leather boots, so it's easy to compare prices at a glance. On any given day, it's better than going from shop to shop in search of that perfect pair.

There can be an information overload on the internet and leather boots are no exception. You are advised to check out the quality of the leather boots you intend buying. Quality must be your uppermost concern because compromising with quality may result in your leather boots wearing out a lot sooner than expected. However, some shoe stores online sell good quality leather boots at affordable prices as well as throw in some good discounts to attract customers.

Shopping online saves a lot of time and enriches the buyer with correct information. Most of all it gives you the versatility to choose from an array of styles and colours, all from the comfort of your home.

How women's leather boots create impact on men?

Women in leather boots impact both the hearts and minds of men. Men are turned on by women in leather boots. In addition to making a fashion statement, women in leather boots look sexy, elegant and chic.

Men love to see women in thigh high boots

Boots are a massive fetish statement! So obviously when men see women in thigh high boots their imagination starts to run riot. They conjure up various situations in their head. Boots for most men, act as base to fuel their sexed up emotions and fantasies.


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